School Girl: Starting Again

 Hi there! 10th week is fast approaching  and I can’t wait until school’s almost over so I can have a week to rest and prepare for the next term. Every last three weeks of the term, I feel so drained and motivated at the same time although I do just prepare for my finals or quizzes and comply with the requirements of the course. But I think these are the days that I’m with myself more, with the thinking that I might fail my course if I don’t study. Haha! :)


Introducing to you my college best friend, Avi! I’m going 14 months with this girl tomorrow. I can’t imagine how my college life would turn out without her. Hehe! :D If I am only given the chance to have a much older sister in real life, how I wish she would turn out exactly like her so we can get along. Or I could just please my parents to adopt her. Kidding! :D


She’s one of my support system and the bravest in the group, actually. We share the same interest with fashion and photography. And a plus, she does my make-up when we have shoot for a project in school. On the other hand, I’m her one-call-away photographer. Thus, that’s where Kayvie started.


I really like this Hello muscle tee and it’s the first time I wear them in school.



It has been the longest time when we two had shoot so getting back to taking more and more pictures is a thing. We missed this a lot! It  really feels like ages since the last one. That’s our school girl face. :)


Leaving you a quote to start the week motivated:

“Things turn out best for those who make the best out of the way things turn out.”

With loving thoughts,




             Hi there! :) The term is about to end and I’m so happy that I’m almost done taking my quizzes and finals. In fact, I had my final exam for Accounting and a quiz for Math today. To my luck, I survived! Hurray! :D Can’t imagine how I survived and how I managed to sleep this week despite the heavy loads of school work.

             So tonight, I just discovered about the comments on my former blog post, Choices. I am sorry for the following people, for their comments were directly sent to my spam folder and without the knowledge, I accidentally emptied it. I tried to retrieve them but I can do nothing about it, so I just took screenshots of them from my folder. Here goes the reply! :)


Hi Rheba! Thank you for browsing my blog! :)


Thanks Dorthea! I’m sort of minimalist and believes that simplicity is beauty. I don’t want my theme to catch attention than the post itself. :)


Thank you Lucio! Hoping you will really eye for new posts. :)


Thanks Boyce! I’m actually the only author on this blog. :)


Thanks Evelyne but I guess that’s too exaggerated and besides, I’m just a newbie. :)


Thanks Winston! I just actually choose the theme I like from WordPress and then I just did a little editing on colors and appearance of the blog to make it more personal. :)


Thanks Gerry! Hoping you’ll visit my blog again. :)

So that’s that! :) Other comments made was answered from the main post. So if you sent me one, you better check out the post itself. I’m not really particular if these messages were really for my blog but I answered it anyway. What I like about WordPress is that every time I do a post, I always learn and discover something new.

By the way, I would like to mention that today’s agenda was a relief when I see my Bub’s smile. <3 :)

With loving thoughts,


            Hi there! :) I am still overwhelmed by the feedback of my poem and I feel that it was ‘liked’ by society. lol.  If I will be ask to imagine writing a poem months ago, maybe my answer would be a NO. I don’t see myself that inspired to write a 4-stanza rhyming poem with 13 syllables each line. ;) So, thank you to those who got to read my poem, whether they like it or not, I feel grateful for they have allotted time in reading such.

           Anyway, I have been super busy since the start of September and I’m seeing it as a good sign though I feel like sacrificing my health a bit. I have been sleeping like 3-5 in the morning the past few days and I can outsee that I will be like this until the third week of the month. The term is about to end and there’s so many things to catch up with like series of quizzes and projects.

            So for this post, I’ll talk about our choices. Choice happens to be the opportunity to choose in a number of possibilities. In the process of choosing, we should see the cost and benefits of making that choice for it to be effective in achieving our goal. Sometimes our choices are not defined that we confuse ourselves with what we want to happen. Sometimes we settle with a choice because we think it’s the only way out. But, there will always be a choice that will bring out the best in you no matter what, like this dress that I wore to my best friend’s début.


           It actually took me more than an hour to find a black dress that suits my taste and appropriate for the debut theme. I’ve checked about four to five store in search for the ‘perfect’ choice, the choice that will be worth it amidst its cost and everything because there’s more to its advantage. Just like in life, we sometimes fail to see the downsides because there is so much to look at, on the brighter side. And looking on the brighter side despite the full load I have for the month is my choice. :) Sharing with you below some photos I grabbed from my friends:



<3 By the way, the picture below is my favorite! <3


           Going back to the dress, I like its “simple but elegant” look. I’ve never WOW-ed to myself before just like when I tried it on. I knew right there and then that it would be my choice. The dress brings out the best in me and caused me so much joy although it fully revealed my biggest insecurity which is the big fat arms I have. :( The carefree feeling that was brought about by this dress reflects most in the pictures showing my wide grin. :D  And the pearls? I fell in love with them again. <3


I know it’s a bit hard to find the relation of my choices with the dress but it has always been the choice we make that greatly affect our future and our emotional state. The question has always gone with to take or not to take the risk. Well, there’s nothing to lose with taking the risk because with every risk, there is something to learn and in every learning is a self-development. :)

Dress: A’postrophe
Belt: A’postrophe
Shoes: GIBI

With loving thoughts,