Out of Creativity

Hi readers! Looking back at the past months made me realize that I’m actually making a small step towards the future. No matter how small or big that step is, the thing is I’m making a progress and I’m crossing out things from my bucket list (That is if I have one! ;) ). To name a few activities related to that is, I attended my friend’s first fashion show in Glorietta, the memorable Candy Readers Choice last May, travel to Kaybiang Tunnel, and the recycled gown-making activity for Teknorampa. The latter made me so grateful than the other activities because my team placed 5th among 17 organizations (If I’m not mistaken) and to think that we are just freshman back then competing with the higher batches.  We suffered 3 sleepless night for that activity and I really felt overwhelmed though I messed up with introducing our work to the judges. (So nerve-racking moment! :/ lol) Anyway, that’s a side story for this post.

I always want to be something. I don’t know but it occurs to me everyday that I want to try a lot of stuffs. I want to be an achiever yet I wanted to join lots of co-curricular activities. I want to sing my heart out but at the same time I want to dance with passion. I want to bake or cook but I want to take fitness class as well. I want to do figure skating but I want to take painting and art crafts too. I want to be a photographer but I also want to learn foreign languages especially French and Italian ones. I want to be a blogger as much as I want to be a businesswoman someday. I know that’s too much to digest but seriously all this wants keep me going from time to time.  What keeps me going is that I inhale the good and exhale the bad things especially if I know that it won’t help me meet my goals but it also occurs to me that sometimes when things are getting really tough, I want the ground to swallow me whole.

Sharing with you a line from a song of the Barbie movie, Rapunzel (Inner kid shows off!) for your take on making your dreams come true and for you to keep on going.

“Constant as the stars above
Always know that you are loved
And my love shining in you
Will help you make your dreams come true
Will help your dreams come true”

I made this earlier because my mind has been busy functioning since last week. This is the first time I tried doing this lettering stuff and if you’re a friend on Facebook you must have seen me shared my Red Velvet from Sunday, also my first try! Doing all this for stress distraction.


Many of us don’t know that supporting people with their dreams helps them to be more passionate about it. People tend to bring someone down than actually help them achieve success or they discourages, for the thought that the more you bring someone down, the more they’ll be going to pursue their dreams and prove you wrong. The truth is, it is more pleasant to know that someone has your back than a person discouraging you, right? I know we aim to be something in the future but discouraging someone to achieve your own dreams is NEVER a step towards making your future come true. Trust me, it won’t help! It is because we take different roads, have different struggles, make different choices, and have different goals in life. 

With loving thoughts,

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