Rose Autumn Party

Pansy! Am I the only one who noticed how sad my previous posts were? :( Maybe when it’s midnight and all you are doing is thinking about life, that’s what you get. lol. So for the meantime, I will stray away from my dramatic self and share with you one memorable day in my life.… More Rose Autumn Party

On the 31st Day

Since the photos for my birthday wasn’t out up until now :( , I’m just going to share with you how my life is going after thirty days of my debut. For the 30 days after my birthday, I went through a cycle of emotions. Unlike the ordinary days though, this one seemed tougher and… More On the 31st Day

Explore A Thing

Pansy! Have you ever thought about risking? How about its consequences? Have you ever had the second thought if it is worth it? Well, so am I! Just like any other person, I always question myself if the advantage would be greater than its consequences. But what really is that thing that keeps us from… More Explore A Thing

785 Brighten Up

Pansy! Do you love the new look? The world’s turning into more minimalist side and so with the blog. Only two months had passed since the start of the year but time already placed my life at the end of the cliff, close enough to losing it.  About Creating the Changes. To the pain, to the… More 785 Brighten Up