Pansy! Sharing with you today is my psychology paper dated 1st of September 2014 which I found while cleaning my school files. I felt the need to remind myself this, so here it goes: Motivation, according to Wikipedia, is the driving force that causes the change from desire to trying to achieve in life. While… More Motivation

The MJMA Journey: I Failed Myself as a Leader.

  “We attended a party organized by a marketing organization. It was an event that bring students together then we came to realize ‘why don’t we have this in school?’” This was exactly the thought of the founders of MJMA, Kuya Nico Malbarosa and Daddy Pat Ramos, in 2013. Mapua JMA was established to bring camaraderie… More The MJMA Journey: I Failed Myself as a Leader.


It is 2:58 AM. I am writing to you because probably I miss you. Why would I even bother to write if there was no chance of you finding out? But I just feel like it, anyway. I miss you like crazy. I miss our little conversations about your world on the playground. I miss… More Untimely

One Last Time

I hope one day you’ll find this and realize it was you. But I doubt it, I never made you glance my way anyway what more to read a senseless letter. Anyway, here goes your open letter. Dear You, Thank you so much for inspiring me all these time. It has been 3 years, 4… More One Last Time

Not Over

It’s not over for you, pansy! Remember when I said I was leaving the blog because of my OC-ness? Or remember when I said there were 2 blogposts left? But yes, I didn’t leave the blog. You just don’t leave someone you love. Chos. Anyway, well that was because my friend, Avi, and I decided to SHARE a… More Not Over

I Met Her

This morning, I prayed before closing my eyes for the sleep. It was past 2 AM when I asked God what was my purpose in this life. I am so confused and lost about everything that was happening recently so I talked to God. And before I know it, I was already dreaming… I dreamed… More I Met Her

Rose Autumn Party

Am I the only one who noticed how sad my previous posts were?😦 Maybe when it’s midnight and all you are doing is thinking about life, that’s what you get. lol. So for the meantime, I will stray away from my dramatic self and share with you one memorable day in my life. After the… More Rose Autumn Party