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Pansy! Have you ever thought about risking? How about its consequences? Have you ever had the second thought if it’s worth it? Well, so am I! Just like any other person, I always question myself if the advantage would be greater than its consequences. But what really is that thing that keeps us from risking?

Location: Vinyl on Vinyl. Photo taken by: Princess Avegail Chavez.

To tell you honestly, I am quite skeptical when deciding if a thing is worth the risk. Not really because I am not a risk-taker but because of practical things that constraints me from doing so. We place ourselves so much in the shoes of the people  that we might disappoint in the process that we forgot what it is really to live at risk. Growth becomes stagnant because life gives us no thrill. We play safe, we follow the norms people used to follow to achieved that ‘success’ they are telling to deceive us. I am not against living by the rules, it is just that, when we do follow the rules strictly, we oversee the great little possibilities for us. And isn’t it that success is about contentment and happiness?

But sadly, we still live by the rules because it’s more practical thing to do. We  do what we are suppose and asked  to do until we get tired of the routines and find the freedom to keep ourselves taking the road less traveled.  Risky but definitely worth a try, worth knowing the possibilities that lies ahead for us.

So here’s to a picture from my first year in college. A different side of me, actually, since I’m not fond of making that stare look. Anyways, worth it.

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785 Brighten Up

Pansy! Do you love the new look? The world’s turning into more minimalist side and so with the blog. Only two months had passed since the start of the year but time already placed my life at the end of the cliff, close enough to losing it. 

Photo taken by: Princess Avegail Chavez

About Creating the Changes.

To the pain, to the nights we worked so hard to make it up to the deadline, to the friendships that never lasts, to the constant need to please everyone (even when we know, we don’t need to), to our disappointments and to become people’s disappointment, to the belittling words thrown at us, to the struggles, and to our everyday breakdown. These are the things we want to get used to when life had us at its finest but truly we never will.

Change is the only constant in life, I believe so, and while we try to be hard as a rock, circumstances knew better. Whether the change is good or bad, we hoped that everything happens for the better.

While it was true that it was never easy to let go especially the things that we have grown comfortable with, true growth can only be achieved when we are out of our comfort zone and risk. We find our potentials out there. We become what we thought we couldn’t be until we have overcome the challenges set only for us.

Along with these changes, I am opted to share with you some of my thoughts and imaginations through articles soon. I promised to make the most out of this year and be more active in writing.  Honestly, I’m still craving for some inspiration to get back how 2013 had my life. It was still the best year so far.

Several plan revisions had been done before I finally settled and stick with the idea of coming out of my own imprisonment. Hoping you would stick with me until then.

What To Look Forward To.

thepansyroses has been 2 years now and I feel sad feeling stuck in-between articles, so lost in my thoughts and words have gone hiding somewhere that I couldn’t recover them. Constantly, I am trying to solve my issues with myself so before anything else gets rusty in my made-up world, I’ve decided to plan things out for the year. Save the date 061215! It will be worth the wait! I promise. :)

Keep a sweet thought,