One Last Time

I hope one day you’ll find this and realize it was you. But I doubt it, I never made you glance my way anyway what more to read a senseless letter. Anyway, here goes your open letter. Dear You, Thank you so much for inspiring me all these time. It has been 3 years, 4… More One Last Time

Not Over

It’s not over for you, pansy! Remember when I said I was leaving the blog because of my OC-ness? Or remember when I said there were 2 blogposts left? But yes, I didn’t leave the blog. You just don’t leave someone you love. Chos. Anyway, well that was because my friend, Avi, and I decided to SHARE a… More Not Over

I Met Her

This morning, I prayed before closing my eyes for the sleep. It was past 2 AM when I asked God what was my purpose in this life. I am so confused and lost about everything that was happening recently so I talked to God. And before I know it, I was already dreaming… I dreamed… More I Met Her